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50g Druid’s Forest Blend

With Fruit of the Forest Mixed Blackberry, Cherry, Raspberry and Strawberry is a deliciously full-flavoured blend of summers. A fruity

50g Ethernal Elixir

Eternal Youth White Tea The Sencha & Pai Mu Tan White Tea is a fresh tasting tea blending the smooth,

50g Four Kingdoms

Rooibos Apple Cinnamon Yogurt Rooibos is a plant that does not contain theine, so it is ideal for consumption at

50g Green Dragon Blend

Green Tea Aqualia Green tea has been enjoyed in China for over 5,000 years and is an essential part of

50g Hidden Islands Blend

Piña Colada Infusion Discover irresistible infusions for the flavour curious. Tempting fruit and cut hibiscus, packed full of extraordinary flavours

50g Merlin’s Favorite Earl Grey

Black Tea Earl Gray Mauve First created for Prime Minister Charles Grey over 180 years ago, this fresh-tasting and unique

50g Mindfulness Meditation

Total Relax Heads of chamomile flowers plucked and dried straight from the field for a wonderfully relaxing Infusion.  The best

50g On Angels Wings

Slimming Yunnan Province in South West China is home to the Pu'erh style of aged tea.  This moist, mild and

50g Red Bush Digestive

Rooibos Digestive Mint, meet rooibos.  We are convinced these two were made for each other. The sweet flavour of the

50g Red Bush Relax

Rooibos Relax We have created the perfect partnership of soothing Rooibos and aromatic lavender, apple and orange. It is a

50g Serenity Souk Blend

Green Tea Marrakesh Petals The mixture of green tea and mint make it purifying and eliminate excess waste and liquids.

50g Yogi Spice Blend

Yogi Spice Tea Yogi Spice contains the four spices, par excellence, stimulants, aphrodisiacs. All of that activates the happiness hormone.